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Our Hot Products (We are also starting to sell "DVD's which will save you a ton of time building any kit car)   Soon to come will be a DVD which will show the process of building a fiberglass door assembly with a power window setup, hinges, latches and locks, can be completed in 8 hours, or one day, A WORKING DOOR from a fiberglass shell - ANY KIT CAR!

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  • Boxster GT build DVD

    This is a DVD of the TV show where we turned a 1997 porsche boxster into a Super car in 21 days, 500 hours. There are a lot of good tips and hints where a single thing that helps you with your build can save many hours and more then likely days. I wish I had video footage to help teach me what I have learned, but at least I am able to make it available to you :). Please email me if you would like footage of a specific part of a build, Any car for $20.00 a DVD.
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