The Car Factory on Speed Channel

The Car factory was featured on the Speed channel. Kit: An Autobody Experience takes you from a donor car to an exotic dream. All Episodes were hosted by Peter Borne:

Peter Borne


Peter Borne: TV Show Host

"I've had a passion for cool cars since a kid. Ultimate dream car? The TV series Bat-mobile. My dad said to me as a 10 year old kid, "If you want it bad enough you can do it!" Thanks Dad! In 1998 I actually built and owned a bat-replica that is currently on display at Volo Auto Museum in Volo Il. It is so accurate that the the creator of this legendary TV car, George Barris, adorned it with his company crest. It was my experience with the Bat-mobile that educated me on the merits of fiberglass construction. Prior to that, I thought that kit cars were just floppy fiberglass bodies attached to VW floor-pans. Once I discovered how technology and designs had advanced greatly, I wanted to share this knowledge with others who wanted to build and own their dream car. My day job in Radio/TV production allowed me the opportunity to produce a "pilot" which SPEED channel found interest in and the rest of the story has yet to be written.

Owning and driving fun and unique cars has been a real joy for me and I know there are others out there who want to see their dreams realized with their own car. With this show, I hope to inspire those with a "can do attitude" to DREAM IT, BUILD IT, and DRIVE IT."

Thank You Peter!

*The Car Factory Team wants to give special thanks to Peter Borne for dedicating extensive amounts of time and energy to complete this TV show season. We are all very impressed and pleased.

We were featured in a mini series called Kit: An Autobody Experience on the Speed Channel. Check out the video below: