The Car Factory on Kit Car Magazine

The Car Factory has also been featured in many Kit Car magazines. Below are a few editions that you can check out for continued reference of our high quality work:

  1. Kit Car Illustrated; October 1999*Volume 16: Issue 5
  2. Kit Car Illustrated; June 2000*Volume 17: Issue 3 (Cover picture with Mike and Shannon Vetter plus a 5 page article 355)
  3. Kit Car: The Car Builders Authority; November 2000 (inside 3 page article 355)
  4. Kit Car Builder: April 2005 (preview of new Porsche we are building)
  5. Kit Car Builder; June 2005 (cover shot plus 4 page article red Lambo doors)
  6. Kit Car Builder; April 2006 (cover shot, plus 4 page article of Porsche GT)
  7. Kit Car Builder; February 2008 (cover shot plus 3 page article of orange Lambo doors)